Trendy lingerie tips for your wedding day… and all the happily-ever-after days that follow!

Friday, March 2, 2018 — Always wanted to treat yourself to a sexy lingerie set? If you ask us, you don’t need an official reason for that, but for many women their wedding day is the ideal occasion to visit a specialist lingerie boutique – because the perfect wedding dress demands perfect lingerie. Although you could say the same for your wedding night, your honeymoon and all the happily-ever-after days that follow. These trendy lingerie tips ensure you enjoy every day in style.

Elegance and romance

Hopeless romantic? Elegance is your middle name? Then Sunrise in white or powder pink will push all the right buttons for you. Glossy feminine embroidery, fine polka dots and cuts that make the most of your sexy curves – every day, including your wedding day, of course. Do you dream of an elegant silhouette in that gorgeous wedding dress? Be sure to try the body with irresistible playful look.  

Stylish honeymoon

If you take a large cup and as well as feeling scintillatingly sexy on your honeymoon you also want the best possible support, Oriental Night ticks both boxes. Silk-look fabric, fine Strass stones and luxurious cashmere print with rich range of colouring: pure sophistication. Married to the perfect PrimaDonna fit. Exactly what you need for a stylish honeymoon.


PrimaDonna Sunrise
PrimaDonna Oriental Night
PrimaDonna Oriental Night
PrimaDonna Oriental Night