The kind of corporate video you’ve never seen before

Friday, April 13, 2018 — How can men working at a bigger cup size lingerie specialist understand their target audience? The answer is not what you would think…

Men love to look at women with bigger breasts. When it comes to understanding the physical and practical discomfort a bigger cup size causes to a woman, let’s face it:  men are clueless.

‘Not in our company!’ says Ignace Van Doorselaere, the CEO of PrimaDonna lingerie. PrimaDonna understands, respects and celebrates curves and big breasts. From now on, so will the male employees at our company. At least they will make a serious effort.

The result is a must-watch corporate video; one you are likely never to have seen before. Watch it on our PrimaDonna facebook page or here:

The importance of a good bra

The video is playful and does not intend to be scientific nor even realistic. “We want to make a statement”, stresses Van Doorselaere. “Dozens of studies confirm the physical discomfort a woman endures if she is wearing a badly fitting bra, especially with a bigger cup size (D+). Back and neck problems because of bad posture, as well as headaches due to straps that are too tight; stomach or bowel problems can even occur.”

“They should not suffer’, says Van Doorselaere. “At PrimaDonna’s Headquarters, the Design and R&D departments have been striving for decades for the best fit and the highest comfort for women with a larger cup size. We are constantly innovating and looking for better designs and materials.” 

 “We cannot stress enough the importance of a good bra, especially for women with a larger cup size. Your bra can do miracles for your body, your posture and your silhouette. Just buying a qualitative brand, however, is not enough. The right size and style are as important. We only have one advice: go to a professional lingerie store and let an expert help you find the perfect bra for you.

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