PrimaDonna's sexy gift tip: lingerie with a dash of chic

Tuesday, November 28, 2017 — Too early to start wrapping up your Christmas presents? Maybe, but you can start compiling your wish list. To get you started, we have three golden tips for presents that are perfect for under your tree – and in your lingerie drawer. 


A thousand and one stories

You don’t need to be a princess to feel like one occasionally. Just put on a luxurious Golden Dreams lingerie set! Transparent tulle, chic embroidery in claret and gossamer-fine golden thread… Your feminine curves have never looked so good.


Tip: lace body with integrated balcony

Shaping, elegant and super-sexy with transparent lace on the waist and back. The separate bra fastening gives your breasts additional support. Perfect under your party outfit!

Sexy with: a blouse or dress with a wide neck or a figure-hugging outfit.


Extra: sexy padded bra

Light foam cups decorated with luxurious garlands in golden thread: this lingerie instantly gets you in the party mood. 

Must-have for the festive season because: this bra not only looks fabulously luxurious, it fits like a dream. The pretty padded cups give your breasts the very best support.


Eastern finesse

The fragility of traditional Chinese drawings translated into delicate lace lingerie. Flattering deep blue with chic bronze threads that lighten up mysteriously. The Neroli sets are a dream to wear and gorgeous to look at. All femininity and eastern finesse – yet with the very best support for your curves.


Tip: the balcony with deep-cleavage effect

Chic and sexy: the cups seem to be cut very low due to the transparent tulle at the top.

Wear it under an elegant blouse or dress to create a party-proof look.


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Golden Dreams - Wenge
Neroli - Sapphire
Neroli - Sapphire
Golden Dreams - Wenge
Golden Dreams - Wenge
Neroli - Sapphire