PrimaDonna Twist SS18: high fashion factor and a perfect fit

Tuesday, November 21, 2017 — Lingerie that gives your curves the best support and flatters you with trendy designs? Only PrimaDonna Twist does that with so much feeling for fashion and love for feminine curves. The latest spring summer collection is a mix of colourful sets with a high fashion factor that fit perfectly.


Cabaret: fifties styles in sparkling fuchsia

This retro lingerie will bring out the femme fatale in you. Smart mesh, trendy lace flowers, gorgeous curves and elegant waists: check! And what about that cheerful fuchsia tint? Sexy and feminine but playful too. We love it.


Tip: the beautiful body with fifties look. It creates an hourglass figure and has lashings of lace on the buttocks.


I Do: bridal lingerie with retro factor

Soft pastel colours, lots of lace and a name that leaves little to the imagination. Yet I Do is no traditional bridal lingerie. The oversized nineties lace pattern and glossy satin cups are just perfect under all your summer frocks and tops with sexy low back.


Plus: the lace is draped at the bottom of the smooth cups to create a sexy look and to ensure your lingerie remains invisible under tight clothing.


Tropical: exotic animal print with added sparkle

Sexy style, leopard print and an exotic colour… Tropical has everything it takes to become your favourite summer lingerie. These sets are gorgeously smooth under all your tight summer outfits and, thanks to the fine pieces of tulle, the briefs are completely seamless. You can wear them under a pair of jeans or a dress without a care in the world!


Summer detail: the animal print with silver sequins gives you an extra touch of sparkle.


Zig Zag: seductive minimalism

Sometimes less really is more. Just look at Zig Zag, with its graphical lace and understated lines. The look: elegant and feminine, because the ingenious pattern makes the most of your feminine curves. And that cheerful colour gives your skin a warm, sunny glow.


Sexy details: fine spaghetti straps that playfully cross just above the cups and a piece of lace between the cups.


Flower Shadow: vintage for every day

Lingerie in an elegant skin tone with a vintage print? Flower Shadow is not only fabulously trendy – this summer you can wear these lingerie sets under anything.


We love: the gorgeous combination of vintage flowers and plain borders. A hip look and even more flattering for your feminine curves!


Rainforest: tough girl look

Tough and girly are the perfect match. These sets with cool camouflage print prove that… or is it a refined lace pattern? Wear these under a top with narrow straps, because those cute fuchsia butterflies on the shoulder straps are just too pretty to hide!


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I Do
I Do
Zig Zag
Flower Shadow