PrimaDonna presents real-life mannequins, thanks to AI and the brand’s real-life fans 

PrimaDonna presents real-life mannequins, thanks to AI and the brand’s real-life fans 

PrimaDonna develops lingerie mannequin with lifelike curves and proportions 

PrimaDonna makes all women shine in stunning lingerie with an impeccable fit, no matter their cup size. Women of various shapes and sizes show off the collections, and starting today the mannequins are also shaped exactly like real-life women. The PrimaDonna Innovation Team analysed years of anonymous fitting data obtained from the brand’s loyal fans to create an AI mannequin with truly lifelike measurements and proportions.  

‘Making lingerie that makes women feel good is our raison d’être,’ says Innovation Manager Lien van de Velde. ‘We have been doing this for years and are continuously working to improve our products, our way of working, and our customer interaction. We want those new lingerie mannequins to instill confidence in women when they see our lingerie displayed in a boutique window. That they see our lingerie on them, and think: “Wow, I didn’t know I could look like that!” – that’s our mission in life.’   


Authenticity from product to presentation 

In order to achieve the perfect shape, every PrimaDonna bra is tested in various sizes by a panel of women. The new collections of the lingerie brand for larger cup sizes have been presented by PrimaDonna fans themselves in our ‘Shine in PrimaDonna’ campaign for several seasons now. Starting today, they will also see their favorite lingerie in store windows displayed on mannequins with genuinely lifelike sizes, curves, and proportions, made exclusively for PrimaDonna. Women will now be able to see that beautiful and comfortable lingerie really and truly exists in their cup size even before they pass through the door of a lingerie boutique.  

‘Authenticity is one of our core values,’ says Innovation Manager Lien van de Velde. ‘We want to show this in everything we do, from lingerie design to product, up to how we display our lingerie in the windows of lingerie boutiques. The new, patented mannequins show what our lingerie looks like like on a body that our fans can identify with. The proportions reflect an average of all the measurements we have collected anonymously from PrimaDonna fans over the years.’ Women with larger cup sizes tend to have a hard time finding lingerie that is both beautiful and ensures a perfect fit. Many of them find it difficult to even walk through the door of a lingerie boutique. We hope that these mannequins will help more voluptuous women feel more at ease when shopping for lingerie.’  


3D chest model based on years of fitting data from our fans 

For years now, PrimaDonna has been manufacturing beautiful, trendy, and sexy lingerie with an impeccable fit for women with a larger cup size. In the course of time, thousands of women have granted their consent for the anonymous use of their measurements, collected by PrimaDonna using 3D mirrors in lingerie boutiques and in the brand’s own innovation lab. PrimaDonna uses this data to turn lingerie trends into lingerie with an impeccable fit for fuller bosoms. Based on this data and with the help of AI, the Innovation Team also created a 3D chest model of the average PrimaDonna wearer’s body. This served as the foundation for the new lingerie mannequins produced exclusively for PrimaDonna.  


Printed in 3D 

The PrimaDonna mannequins have bra size 80 E and are 3D printed in three different skin tones. 

Starting today, they will be deployed in the new store concepts used by Lincherie in Netherlands and Rigby & Peller in Germany. The mannequins will also be on display in independent lingerie boutiques in Germany, the Benelux countries, and beyond. 



About PrimaDonna

For more than 150 years, PrimaDonna has been empowering women and making them shine in stylish lingerie that fits like a dream. Each season, we translate the latest trends into comfortable, supportive, and wearable designs in cup sizes B to M. Stylish, sexy, and supportive lingerie that fits like a glove: Thanks to PrimaDonna, women with a larger cup size no longer have to choose between comfort and style. They can have it all, in their cup size.

The statement styles of PrimaDonna Twist, PrimaDonna’s rebellious little sister, reflect the latest fashion trends. The collection features comfy padded bras with cool prints, T-shirt bras with a funky twist, and feminine bralettes with a plunging neckline – all with the same unrivalled PrimaDonna support for larger cup sizes.

The stylish swimwear by PrimaDonna Swim is all you need for a perfect day at the beach or pool. We translated the season’s hottest swimwear trends into bikinis, swimsuits, and accessories that flatter all figures and offer comfortable support for larger cup sizes. Confidence at the beach, guaranteed!

PrimaDonna Sport is the workout must-have for women with a larger cup size! The patented fit and incredible support of our ultra-functional sports lingerie (available up to a G cup) ensures that women with a larger cup size can work out in comfort and style!

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