PrimaDonna asks fans to share compliments

Thursday, March 1, 2018 — Being kind to yourself and to others is something PrimaDonna strives for every day. On 1 March, World Compliment Day, the lingerie expert specializing in larger cup sizes will take things one step further by doling out compliments. The goal: to encourage as many people as possible to pay each other compliments.

Small gesture, big impact

'You look great today.' 'I love you.' 'You make my day.' A compliment is a small gesture with a big impact. Nevertheless, we often forget to be loving or even kind to one another. Just read through some of the comments on social media to see how hurtful we can be. The idea behind World Compliment Day is to offer a powerful antidote to all of these negative comments – an initiative that PrimaDonna supports wholeheartedly.

Love your curves... and each other

For more than 150 years, our mission has been to create beautiful lingerie with the perfect fit for women with curves. As a lingerie expert, we want to give curvy women the sexy support they need. Sensual lingerie with a comfortable fit forms the basis of a radiant and confident look, irrespective of body type, cup size, or clothing size. Love your curves, radiate confidence, and help others embrace their own inner beauty. This is the message PrimaDonna wants to stress on World Compliment Day.

Spread the love with the help of these influencers

To encourage as many compliments as possible, PrimaDonna created a video with the help of three Belgian PrimaDonna women. In the video, Ini Massez, Pascale Platel, and Sabine Peeters discuss the importance of paying and receiving compliments. The message: be kind to yourself and to others and spread the love by paying compliments instead of fuelling negativity.

A similar video was created with German and French influencers for our German and French fans. Visit the PrimaDonna website or our Facebook or Instagram pages to watch the video.

Complimenting made easy!

Want to compliment your sister, friend, mother, or colleague? PrimaDonna just made it easy for you! Visit our Instagram account and tag your loved ones in our sweet and funny posts. Tag anyone you'd like to compliment and spread the love!

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