Lingerie for Valentine: these sets suit your love type

Friday, March 2, 2018 — Is love for you a game of seduction or do you unleash all your passion in the bedroom? Specially for Valentine’s Day, lingerie labels Marie Jo, PrimaDonna and Andres Sarda pick out the best sets for your love type.

Refined sexy

Your love type: mysterious

Potential lovers need to pull out all the stops to wow you: an (anonymous) love letter, a candle-lit romantic dinner in an original place or a sensual tango with private orchestra. You don’t give your heart away to just anybody. For you, love is a mysterious game of seduction and you want to conquer and be conquered. So you feel best in refined all black lingerie.

Your ideal lingerie set: I Want You

Stylish and sexy is you all over. A game of reveal and conceal; a bit of a tease, but never cheap. Like the I Want You’s sets and their exciting bondage look. Lingerie that will make your mouth water... and turn you on just a little bit.