PrimaDonna's warmest autumn colours

Thursday, August 31, 2017 — If you were still looking for a reason to look forward to this fall, here’s your call. This autumn is set to be the most colourful yet, according to PrimaDonna, the lingerie brand for women with curves. Want to find out more about their finest lingerie colours for a fabulous fall? Then read on!


Trendy greens

Khaki, pale green, tropical green aquas: green is one of the colours you simply must have in your wardrobe this year. There’s a wide selection of shades to choose from in both fashion and lingerie. So you’ll easily find one that fits your complexion and look – and the season. You can create a trendy army look with the kaki Moss in the Tough Girl series, which is very flattering for a paler autumn skin. Or try the feminine and stylish Submarine, the new Deauville colour: a chic green grey that accentuates your natural skin tone.


Warm red

Ah, red! It never goes out of fashion, especially when it comes to lingerie. So this autumn you’ll be right on trend in a warm deep red. Like Rising Sun, a gorgeously feminine claret. It’s a perfect fit with Tough Girl’s cool lace-with-mesh sets and the outfits you already have in your winter wardrobe.


Hip floral look

Colour or black and white, printed or embroidered, big or small… flowers are the go-to design to brighten up your wardrobe. This fall they’re more on trend than ever. In PrimaDonna’s autumn collection they look gorgeous in the Ray of Light and Mystic Fields sets, with glossy embroidered flowers that brighten up your skin and your look. But embroidery does not always have to be the answer: just look at the black and white floral print in Flower Shadow’s beautiful sets. Smooth lingerie that looks super-feminine!


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Tough Girl - Moss
Tough Girl - Moss
Deauville - Submarine
Tough Girl - Rising Sun
Tough Girl - Rising Sun
Ray of Light - Blue Bijou
Ray of Light - Gris Gris
Mystic Fields - Rosewood
Mystic Fields - Fume
Flower Shadow - Black